If you encounter any issues before or during your purchase or while using our product, we will promptly assist you in resolving your concerns.
Absolutely! WAMIFE Blender cuts through ice and frozen fruit with ease!
Absolutely no problem, our Wamife blender has excellent airtightness, and the double-layer stainless steel cup is made of heat-resistant material. Therefore, you can safely pour hot coffee and other hot liquids into it without any issues.
To clean your WAMIFE Blender, simply blend water with a drop of soap, then rinse with plain water, and you're ready for your next blended creation
it is about 2.64lbs,
When you purchase our product, you automatically receive three years of free replacement service. If your Wamife blender encounters any issues within three years (excluding scratches), we will ship you a new Wamife blender free of charge. You can contact us anytime through our website's contact form or via our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., to reach our staff. Please provide your order information and real photos of the product. Based on your order details, we will send you a replacement Wamife blender.
On the side of our black cup lid, there is a silicone button. Press it twice to start. When starting, you will notice that the indicator light on the lid turns blue. If it flashes red, please tighten the lid and try again.
Your blender’s motor base is rechargeable and comes with a USB-C charging cord. Charge your blender through the charging port (On the side of our black cup lid). Easy to charge at home or on the go, just like a mobile phone. NOTE: The USB-C charging cord can be plugged into a charging block or USB wall outlet.
The maximum capacity of the blending vessel is 18 oz. with a MAX FILL of 16 oz.
The unit can deliver up to 30 blending cycles before needing a recharge.
No, the battery is not removable and cannot be replaced. Reach out to our Customer Service if you suspect there is an issue with your unit’s battery.
Our WAMIFE Blender Blade is attached to the motor base on the Blender Cap. Handle the motor base and exposed blades with care while cleaning
If the ingredients are still not mixing properly, there are a few ways to get back to blending. 1. Check if more liquid is needed. The liquid should be at or below the MAX line. 2. Shake the blender while it’s blending to move ingredients around. 3. Turn the blender upside down, press the Start/Stop button to start the blades, then return the blender to an upright position to continue blending
The blending cycle is 20 seconds. It can be canceled at any time by pressing the button again.
The blender comes with a 100+ recipe inspiration guide to get you started Please downlad recepie from our website homepage
You can blend super smooth frozen fruit smoothies, shakes, and protein drinks, as well as dips, salsas, and dressings.
After preparing your favorite smoothie or milkshake, you can replace the cup lid with the multi-functional lid, which makes it much more convenient. However, we recommend bringing the lid with the blade. In case you want to enjoy a fresh and delicious milkshake outside or at the gym, you can make it anytime, anywhere.
DO NOT blend hot liquids or carbonated liquids, as doing so may cause pressure buildup, resulting in risk of burns or other injuries to the you
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