Reimagine your beverage choices with WAMIFE and join our movement to SIP MORE SMOOTHIES while actively diminishing plastic waste.

Wamife is an innovative force dedicated to enhancing wellness experiences through the art of blending. As a health-centric brand, we are passionate about crafting unique and nutrient-rich smoothie and milkshake products that empower individuals on their journey towards healthier living.

Our core mission is to simplify access to premium nutrition by developing intuitive and portable blending solutions.

Recognizing the importance of freshness and temperature control, Wamife has engineered the world's first double-layer stainless steel insulated portable blender cup.

This game-changing design ensures that users can enjoy perfectly chilled and deliciously blended smoothies and shakes anytime, anywhere.

Development Journey

The power of teamwork can conquer any obstacle, and all our efforts are truly worthwhile.


Wamife started in 2021

Focusing on innovating and crafting unique health-focused smoothie and milkshake products for wellness enthusiasts.


In April 2022

Wamife launched research to simplify access to nutritious smoothies and milkshakes, promptly debuting their first portable blender prototype


In November 2022

Wamife developed a patented six-blade tech with a 540-watt motor for powerful blending, resulting in their second-gen portable juice cup with enhanced blending power.


In March 2023

Wamife introduced the world's first portable blender cup with double-layer stainless steel insulation, offering users freshly chilled smoothies and milkshakes thanks to its innovative cooling design.


By October 2023

Through exhaustive recipe testing and remodling, Wamife achieved highly satisfactory results with diverse smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, and protein drinks. Their small-scale market tests confirmed success, drawing positive feedback.


In 2024

Wamife launched its products to mass acclaim, quickly gaining traction among health enthusiasts as their portable blender became a sought-after item.



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